About Us

The Black Bart Inn is named after Black Bart, a famous and elusive bandit from the Gold Rush era. Born Charles E. Boles, Black Bart was known for successfully robbing 28 Wells Fargo stage coaches between 1875-1883, without ever harming a single passenger. He also became well-known for his sarcastic poetry, which he always signed “PO-8”:

Here I lay me down to sleep
To wait the coming morrow,
Perhaps success, perhaps defeat
And everlasting sorrow.
Yet come what will, I'll try it once,
My conditions can't be worse,
And if there's money in that box,
'Tis money in my purse.

Black Bart was eventually captured after leaving behind a handkerchief while escaping from a robbery. Released after four years in San Quentin Prison, Black Bart was never heard from again.

Black Bart is just one chapter of the rich California Gold Rush history of Calaveras County. Our location in the heart of Calaveras will provide you with close access to our Gold Rush history.

Black Bart Inn, 55 W. St. Charles Street, San Andreas, CA 95249 United States         (209) 754-3808
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